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Convinced that the success of our society through human achievement, team spirit and individual commitment are part of our values.

Within a matrix organization, where the work in project mode is preferred, the directors of each of our Business Units are supported in the management of their teams by close human resources officials from the field. The animation and communication among teams are managed locally and structured by a group HR policy.

High technology of our products leads us each year to develop the skills of the teams by a significant investment in training, beyond legal obligations, which in the material, made of PORCHER INDUSTRIES, a reference in the world of textiles.

Aerospace composite products textile, through applications electronic, motor sport or building, PORCHER INDUSTRIES Group offers so many opportunities for career development in a pervasive environment of global competition.

Joining the Porcher Industries Group is participate each in his field in the development of technical textiles of the future.





At the recruitment stage, significant attention to candidates through various interviews with the future partners of the PORCHER INDUSTRIES group.


This approach allows us to build a real exchange, but also to appreciate the technical skills of the candidate, his adaptability within PORCHER INDUSTRIES group and its potential for evolution.




You can send us your request by email for a job or internship:














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