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The Porcher Industries Group produces fiberglass fabrics since 1950. We are a uniquely positioned player in the world automotive equipment industry

Since always having been involved in technologically advanced markets such as aeronautics and electronics we have perfected the technologies essential to success in these markets:

  • Coating
  • Extrusion
  • Chemical Formulation
  • Weaving - Twisting - Cabling… …

Porcher Industries has naturally turned to the demanding world of the automotive industry and offers a wide variety of flexible technical solutions :

  • Impregnated Rubber Cord of glass or synthetics
  • PVC Coated yarns
  • TPE extruded yarns
  • Laid Scrim for reinforcement,
  • Non woven of glass or basalt…
  • Fabrics of Polyamide 6.6, E glass…

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to our customers at the best possible price and performance for the optimum value.


Our abilities :

  • 2 factories in France, 1 production facility in China for Airbag, 1 production facility in Brazil and in Japan for Impregnated Rubber Cord (synchronous belts)
  • A commercial presence on all continents.
  • Technical and R&D teams dedicated to each family of products.
  • A European Center for Expertise & Innovation


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