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Response and Quality

The markets are comprised of various sectors, space and aeronautic programs, sports, automotive, construction and industry, all with high technology applications and a very wide diversity of clients and needs. All of these sectors have one common characteristic: they all have high levels of expectations and requirements for product quality and service. Porcher industries enjoys being in the leadership position in the market, thanks to flexibility in production and close cooperation between its technical teams and those of their clients.

Innovation - a priority

This market requires an on-going capacity for innovation. Most importantly, it is necessary to have the resources to find and create technical solutions for high performance applications. The engineers and technicians of Porcher Industries are dedicated to the on-going development of new products and new solutions. They strive to create more than just a simple response to identified needs. They use a pro-active, visionary approach which entails continuous research, monitoring and evaluating potential innovations.




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