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PiPreg® thermoplastic composites 


Porcher Industries is a pioneer in the development of high performance thermoplastic composite materials and has been developing and marketing them since the early 1990’s.

With their flexible technology set-up and excellent thermoplastic resin knowledge Porcher Industries is able to offer both a wide product range and technical support  to offer you the best choice of fabric/resin combination to meet your needs.
Porcher Industries’ thermoplastic composites are available either :

  • in roll form (prepregs stored at ambient temperature).
  • as laminates

to suit your production method.




Porcher Industries has 2 presses for conversion of thermoplastic prepregs :

  • a pilot press with maximum dimensions : 600 x 600 mm
  • an industrial press with maximum dimensions : 2600 x 1500 mm

Please contact our Composites team to discuss your requirements as there are numerous combinations of matrix-reinforcement and possible laminate sizes.




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