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  Porcher Greenlite is a new generation of high performance renewable reinforcement for the composites industry. These innovative materials are based on pure cellulose fibers. The combination of low density and superior mechanical properties allows biocomposites to be made on an excellent weight/performance basis. The new material constitute a significant advancement in terms of quality, reproducibility, transparency and strength with respect to common bio-based solutions.

Porcher Greenlite reinforcements are biodegradable and highly compatible with bio-based resins, making them suitable for the production of 100% bio-based composites on a large scale. With these new materials, PORCHER Industries demonstrates a strong commitment to developing renewable materials utilizing an ecofriendly process with minimal environmental impact.

Porcher Greenlite fabrics can be processed using standard equipment with no modifications to the existing technology. PORCHER Greenlite reinforcements are available in various styles for a wide range of composites parts, including sporting goods and leisure applications.



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