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Porcher Industries produces fiberglass fabrics since 1950.

Uncontested leader in the manufacture of glass fiber textiles for high technology printed circuit boards, flexible electrical insulation and PTFE coating, Porcher Industries has been able to compete in an extremely competitive industry now dominated by the Asian countries.


This has broad based support in the industry primarily due to the quality of its wide product range and the attentive service that customers have come to expect from Porcher industries.

High quality requierements

In the main activity of Porcher Industries, glass fabrics for printed circuit boards, all products conform to the requirements of the IPC-4412 specification, enabling prepregs and boards to meet the requirements of MIL P 13-949.


Our worldwide presence

With its two production sites in China and France, and the support of BGF and Porcher do Brasil in America, the Porcher industries Group has a huge and competitive production capacity on all continents where electronics fabrics is used.


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