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Porcher Industries produces glass fiber fabrics since 1950.

Whether in the air or on water, whichever your passion, we are here to guarantee you pleasure, high technology and safety. This is why we are the world leader in high performance lightweight fabrics.

The only company involved in all these sports

Paragliding, sky diving, kitesurfing, ballooning, hot-air ballooning, microlighting: Porcher Sport is the only manufacturer committed to all these important aerial and nautical sports. Thanks to its acclaimed expertise and its unique savoir-faire, we supply today 70% of the world’s market for paraglider fabric. Moreover, we are the sole supplier of fabrics to the French forces and the world’s number one for competition spinnaker.


A guarantee of safety

In paragliding or any other aviation sport, the quality of our products is not only important but it is absolutely paramount.

This is the reason why we devote the most meticulous attention to the quality of our products, taking advantage of the strong industrial culture of the Porcher group. With more over 20 millions of kilometres of fabric manufactured and used in the last 20 years, Porcher Sport represents today the reference in terms of quality in paraglider wings. And if we are proud of it, it is because we are helping you to live your passion fully with complete peace of mind.


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