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Press release Opening of a new manufacture in Russia - Opening of the new Russian plant

The Group Porcher Industries opens on December, 18 2012, its 13th production location. 83 km far from Moscow, this new manufacture, called P.S.M, will produce high performance industrial fabrics, made of carbon fibers.

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Technological innovations - Press Kit

Greenlite™ is a new generation of high performance renewable reinforcements for the composites industry. These innovative materials are based on pure cellulose fibres, which is the most abundant and renewable biomass on earth. Greenlite™ materials are biodegradable and highly compatible with biobased resins, making them suitable for the production of 100% bio-based composites on a large scale.

PORCHER INDUSTRIES - Prepreg – Advanced Composite Materials - press release

The French company PORCHER INDUSTRIES and the Russian company Prepreg – Advanced Composite Materials signed a preliminary shareholders' agreement on the establishment in Russia of a facility producing textile materials made of carbon fiber.


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