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Opening of a new production plant in Russia - Le Dauphiné Libéré



High performance technical textiles - Usine Nouvelle (June, 2012)

For Porcher Industries, who celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2012, Innovation is an absolut priority !

Porcher Industries weaves fabrics - Isère Magazine


Taking natural to a new level - http://www.ecocomposites.net

Greenlite™ is a new generation of high performance renewable reinforcements for the composites industry.

New Porcher Greenlite Reinforcements for Advanced Biocomposites - http://www.netcomposites.com

Porcher has created Greenlite, a new generation of high performance renewable reinforcements for the composites industry, based on pure cellulose fibres.

Porcher Industries launches Greenlite renewable reinforcements - http://www.reinforcedplastics.com

Porcher Industries' new Greenlite™ reinforcements are based on cellulose fibres and compatible with bio-based resins.

New reinforcements for advanced biocomposites - http://www.jeccomposites.com

Greenlite from Porcher Industries is a new generation of high performance renewable reinforcements for the composites industry. These innovative materials are based on pure cellulose fibres, which is the most abundant and renewable biomass on earth. Greenlite™ materials are biodegradable and highly compatible with biobased resins, making them suitable for the production of 100% bio-based composites on a large scale

New Gates CVT drive belts - Snowtech

New gate CVT drive belts offer improved performance. Gates Corporation is releasing a new generation of double cog CVT drive belts.

Carbon fiber tensile cords - Snowtech

Joint development with our customer for high performance CVT belt

A new start without Robert Porcher - Le Progrès

North Isère, a new start without Robert Porcher. After the death of Robert Porcher, june 20, the employees of Porcher Industries, with headquarters in Badinières (France), seem to be confidente about the future of the world leader in weaving glass fabrics. Unions confirm the policy for the protection of employment and sustainability of the eight French sites, including seven in the North-Isère, continued by the new direction. Despite a slowdown in activity, the General Director, José Luis Alvarez, provides be in line with the objectives

Ecofriendly stand up paddleboards - web article

Fort Lauderdale, FL, February 15th, 2011 – Ecomoana, a leading player in the pioneering field of eco-friendly surfboards and stand up paddleboards (SUPs), has selected Fort Lauderdale-based Precision Paddleboards as the US location for its global product launch. Attendees of the Miami International Boat Show will be able to view and order the Ecomoana boards at booth 4178 in the Pavilion tents. Ecomoana’s ‘Yellow is Green’ boards are shaped with a new generation of high performance, 100% renewable reinforcement fabric made by Porcher Industries : the Porcher Greenlite fiber.

Porcher Greenlite rewarded inJEC Asia Awards 2009 - web article - techtera.com


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