Coalescence, for a safer, sustainable world

Porcher Industries designs and manufactures technical materials allowing cutting-edge companies in the fields of aerospace and defense, automotive, construction, energy and sport to anticipate technological and functional evolutions regarding the most complex textile, technical and composite materials.

Inherited from Lyon’s silk-weaving tradition, Porcher Industries' know-how has evolved over time and market disruptions, through constant innovation in weaving techniques, the use of new mineral and synthetic fibers as well as chemical processes.

Spurred on by its pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit, Porcher Industries has become an agile and innovative international group gathering 1,650 employees in more than 100 countries.

Acting upon its renewed investment capacities, the Porcher group is now steadily speeding up its development with the ambition to address technological and industrial evolutions, but also to strengthen its positions in a global context, by using its multi-markets, multi-continents and multi-expertise assets.

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Our Ambition

Porcher Industries helps airplanes save energy by making them lighter for them to easily and safely fly over mountains like eagles, imagines even safer cars, increases the performance of Formula 1 champions, and erects buildings which combine energy efficiency and acoustics.
We are committed to turn composite materials into solutions for the future by constantly reinventing our trades in order to better address major evolutions. The level of requirement in both performance and ingeniousness established by Porcher Industries aims to constantly extend the boundaries of the impossible and to be at the forefront of technological and chemical processes. 

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Our values

Sharing one  ambition: Ambition is our commitment to transform the future and make the impossible come true.

Inspired by passion:  Our inventiveness and entrepreneurial spirit contribute to produce transformative and impacting innovations by mixing traditional know-how, disruptive processes and cutting-edge technological and chemical possibilities.  

Embracing reliability: Trust in the future, in reciprocity, in innovation, in people and technique has forged our capacity to provide the highest quality. We meet our clients’ excellence with equally demanding requirements.   

Fuelled by efficiency and determination:  Efficiency brings us pleasure, ease and flexibility to innovate and stretch the limits. A converging diversity of cultures, trades, skills and talents shapes the specificity of our expertise. Our position at the junction of vastly different and sometimes contradictory fields is the source of our creativity and performance.

Yearning for transmission: Transmitting to future generations both traditional skills and the ability to ingeniously combine chemistry, fibers, interfaces and weaving to create the magic of the unprecedented reflects our humanistic commitment.

Coalescence, for a safer, sustainable world