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Why Porcher Industries?

We are natural born pioneers, the world is our playground: it could be yours too. With our inventive spirit and culture of continuous innovation, you can rest assured that together we will be inventing trends rather than following them. Our know-how, our trades and our expertise are the future of the automotive, aeronautic, defense, industry, construction and sports markets. Our passion even more so!

We believe in coalescence for a safer, more sustainable world as much as we believe in generational coalescence through our yearning for transmission. Within Porcher Industries, you will invent what doesn't yet exist and will join a flourishing group, which confirms its position as the leader of technical textiles and thermoplastic composites every day.

A supplier for today and tomorrow

As we pursue our quest to invent new technologies and provide solutions for the future, we are committed to sharing our knowledge with the new generations and to being the go-to employer for tomorrow.

Some talents testify

Fanny Martel

Development & Technical Support Engineer

Fanny Martel
“A month-long integration course across the various departments and sites, set up for newcomers, gave me a comprehensive vision of the Group. Surrounded by attentive and available colleagues, I've been able to progressively train for the job in a friendly atmosphere, essential for the well-being and balance of everyone.“

Philippe Danthon

Machinery Technician and Overseer

Philippe Danton
“From a professional stand-point, I find the daily work environment very pleasant, because I have established genuine relationships with my colleagues, there's a real synergy between us. In my trade, one must constantly be meticulous and precise. In order to perform certain tasks, I have to be extremely focused, which I appreciate.“

Cybèle Motta


Cybèle Motta
“One of the pleasant aspects of my job are the opportunities for change, which open up perspectives for an interesting career. If I had to define the group in three words, they would be: skill - technique - know-how.“