Textiles are in our DNA.

For over a century, Porcher Industries has gained command over evolving techniques such as weaving, twisting, cabling, dyeing and the production of mats, scrims, prepregs and laminates until it reached a yet unrivaled level of excellence.

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Fabrics textiles
• E-Glass
• High Modulus Glass
• Carbon
• Polyamid
• Polyamid / Flat
• Aramid
• Hybrid
• 3D
• T-Glass
• Basalt
• Polyester / Flat
Weight Optimisation Flame Resistant Electrical insulation Reinforcement High Tensile & tear resistance Dedicated Solution

Laid Scrims

Laid Scrims
• Glass
• Polyester
• Viscose
• Carbon
Flatness Cost optimization Adhesion and compatibility Reinforcement Improvement of punching resistance Dedicated Solution


• E-Glass
• Formed mats
• Silica
Flame Resistant Dedicated Solution