Smart materials

Smart materials

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Jean-Marc Senecot - Global Head of Research & Development




Porcher Industries designs and manufactures technical materials allowing cutting-edge companies in the fields of aerospace and defense, automotive, construction, energy, and sport to anticipate technological and functional evolutions regarding the most complex textile, technical and composite materials. Based on our core competencies on weaving (glass, synthetic and biobased fibers) and combining chemistry with textile (hard and soft composites), we are creating the future:  our materials are becoming smart.

Even if the wearable industry is well-known for its integration of smart materials since more than 10 years, the integration of sensors and electronics in technical materials is one of the key challenges that needs to be addressed. The objectives are to develop durable materials and an intuitive interface that integrates the comfort of simple functions or creates new interactive features with their environment.

Our innovation center is working on a major technology leap to functionalize textiles with sensors and actuators. The benefits of these technologies are the flexibility and the durability technical textile offers. The solutions developed consists in a full integrated system, comprising the smart component, the electronics and the data analysis system. The patented technologies  integrate the most mature applications such as movement detection, power or intensity control, heating and temperature control.