From the most complex materials, to semi-finished products, to finished parts.

Porcher Industries, thanks to the proximity and knowledge it cultivates regarding its clients' trades, is able to provide elements and parts tailored to every need and specific requirement for the automotive, aerospace and defense sectors.

Capabilities include:
Die Cutting, Molding, Sheeting, Layering, Parts Assembly, Winding, Welding, Adhesive Application, Preforms, Sorting, Texturing, Stamping, Treated Pallets

At Porcher Industries, we specialize in creative optimization. By this, we mean we have the resources, equipment and know-how to create value-added points of interest that will differentiate your product.
Our in-house machinery and equipment offers of a wide range of fabrication capabilities. We can collaborate with you to create customized prototypes for development or assembly line production. Our global supply network can streamline your process and help you meet deadlines. Whatever your needs, we will put our imaginations to work for you for an optimized solution from start to finish.

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