Acquisition of P-D Interglas Technologies GmbH

NEWS | October, 2, 2017 in Eclose-Badinières, France

Acquisition of P-D Interglas Technologies GmbH

Porcher Industries successfully completes the purchase of P-D Interglas Technologies from the Preiss Daimler Group and secures its leading position as technical fiberglass fabric producer.

Porcher Industries, leader in technical textiles and thermoplastic composite solutions, has announced the successful acquisition of Interglas Technologies from the Preiss Daimler Group,  including all business operations, workforce, assets, infrastructure and rights to the brand. Interglas Technologies GmbH is a German producer of technical fabrics for aeronautic, industrial, electrical and building applications.
This transaction will reinforce Porcher Industries' position as the leading global manufacturer of technical textiles.

Interglas Technologies GmbH has over 50 years of experience in the innovative manufacturing of fiberglass, carbon, basalt, aramid and other synthetic fabrics. Headquartered in Germany, with production facilities in Erbach, the company is a key supplier of technical fabrics, both in Germany and worldwide.

This acquisition represents a long-term strategic move for Porcher Industries, strenghtening the company's capacity to produce high quality technical textiles, particulary fiberglass fabrics, and adding 155 employees to the workforce.

André Genton, CEO of Porcher Industries comments: "We are immensely proud to have completed this acquisition. As a respected competitor for over 40 years, we hold the company's experience, technology and reputation in high regard. Porcher Industries will be even better positioned to serve its clients and innovate, and we're looking forward to continuing Interglas Technologies' tradition of delivering excellence"