Sustainable Greenlite fabrics with vibration dampening characteristics

NEWS | February, 11, 2018 in Eclose-Badinières, France

Sustainable Greenlite fabrics with vibration dampening characteristics

Porcher Industries will assemble a talented team of textile, composite and chemical engineering experts in Paris to present their latest innovations at JEC World 2018, March 6-8th. Porcher Industries' five business units will present new market specific technical textile and thermoplastic composite solutions at Stand M28 in Hall 6.
NEW Porcher Industries Dry Fiber 
As the composites market pursues automated processes for high-rate production, Porcher Industries' Dry Fiber offer a new way of processing materials Out-of-Autoclave (OOA).
Porcher Industries Dry Fiber is a versatile range of carbon fiber functionalized with a binder interface.
Optimised for AFP-made preforms for thermoset resin infusion or injection, Dry Fiber provides similar component properties to conventional prepreg stacking, enabling the high speed production of complex shaped parts with outstanding buy-to-fly ratio.
The technology uses a cost-effective-one-step-process to impregnate the fiber. As a result, Dry Fiber can be produced in flat calibrated width for AFP or rounder non-calibrated formats for winding, with a variety of different fiber aerial weights, binder chemistries and binder rates available on request.
Other features include : 100% continuous fiber with no splices that boats excellent steering in high curvature AFP lay ups; no need for paper or film interleaves meaning less waste and risk of fuzzing ; good epoxy resin and a long shelf life.
Sustainable Greenlite fabrics with vibration dampening characteristics 
Porcher Sport, an innovator of lighter, safer and more durable reinforcements for sporting equipment, will showcase its GREENLITE® range of fabrics.
Previously recognized with the renowned JEC Composites Innovation Award, GREENLITE® fabrics use low density cellulose fibres to produce a range of reinforcements that are biodegradable, highly compatible with bio-resins and suitable for large volume manufacturing a bio-based composite sporting goods such as ski's, snowboards, rackets and bike frames. As well as their contribution to sustainability, GREENLITE® composites exhibit exceptional vibration dampening characteristics, improving comfort and reducing fatigue in all performance sport applications.